Selasa, 22 Julai 2014

DAP Sarawak plans to make use of hudud to contest in PKR's traditional(?) seats

A smart move, YB Chong (Y).

KUCHING (July 22): State PKR is deeply taken aback that its state partner DAP has threatened to pull out of PR over PAS’ stand on hudud without prior consultation or notification.

Its chairman Baru Bian, in a press statement yesterday, said: “PKR Sarawak is surprised and shocked that DAP Sarawak has seen it fit to issue an ultimatum to our common partner PAS over their stand on hudud without prior consultation with or notification to us.

“On my part, I feel a deep regret that DAP Sarawak should feel that we in the state PKR have been non-committal about the issue, even after the statements I have made about this matter.”